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Why Ukraine does not need peace according to the Korean scenario - Ihor Petrenko

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, believes that Russia is trying to impose peace on Ukraine following the example of South Korea and North Korea, establishing borders. Ihor Petrenko, a political scientist at United Ukraine, explained the absolute inadmissibility of an akin scenario for Ukraine in an article for UNIAN.

Certainly, such an option would be the best for the Russian Federation. On the one hand, Russia would retain certain territorial gains. Moscow suggests to international partners that it would, allegedly, stop there.

This is an unacceptable option for Ukraine. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, clearly stated that we must return all our territories within the internationally recognized borders. This issue has already been articulated by our partners. We hear that Turkey is talking about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the United States, and Britain. In addition, Ukraine at all levels informs international partners that Russia will not stop at this stage of the war. After all, Russia today moves in the system of its imperialist coordinates. And Ukraine is a bone in Russia's throat.

If Ukraine agrees to at least some compromises with Russia, the Kremlin will use this precedent in other areas. The territory occupied by the Russians will remain a constant zone for destabilization. We have already had this scenario since 2014.

But why does Russia intend to persuade Ukraine to so-called Korean peace now? Why did Russian President Vladimir Putin talk about the Christmas ceasefire? And why is the deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Dmitrii Kozak, traveling around Europe and talking about Russia's willingness to make concessions, although Russia denies this?

The fact is that the Russians are exhausted on the battlefield. They have severe logistical, organizational, and production problems, as well as sanctions pressure from the whole world. They understand that their mobilization is failing, there is not enough weaponry to continue shelling, and, apart from Iran and North Korea, there are no allies.

Hence, everything that Russia had been building for decades ended in ten months. Therefore, the Russians need a tactical pause to build up troops, update missile stocks, and regroup.

Today, Ukraine is supported by the whole world. We are already receiving both Bradley and light tanks from France. We are also waiting for good news from the next meeting in the Rammstein format. Russia understands that in the next two or three months, all its advantage in artillery or ammunition will come to nothing. Its only tool will remain attempts to scare the world with nuclear weapons, which they are unlikely to use due to the clear position of China and other countries. In addition, in 2023, the state of the Russian economy will only worsen.

Therefore, currently, the Russians are ready to do anything to get a break for six months to a year. And it is obvious that the Russian Federation only plans to postpone its further offensive.

What will happen when Ukraine does not agree to the so-called peace on Russian terms? The Russian occupiers had already been defeated when they failed to capture Kyiv and had already fled from Kharkiv Oblast and Kherson. Now we will be talking about the practical destruction of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

Of course, Russia will try to continue the terror and even drag Belarus into the war. But Putin has fewer and fewer tools for gaining a military advantage. This means that the next stage should be a resounding defeat of Russia on virtually all fronts.

Source: УНІАН

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