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"United Ukraine"


About us

United Ukraine is a non-governmental, non-commercial, non-partisan, independent organization and a think tank that unites experts in various fields – from politics to narrowly specialized economic and humanitarian issues.

United Ukraine's primary task is to produce unbiased applied analysis for mass media and the general public.

In our work, United Ukraine aims to create high-quality and relevant analytical products designed to promote the awareness of society and political elites, the guarantee of human dignity, the comprehensive realization of the professional potential of Ukrainians, and the protection of the ideals of equality and freedom. 

With this, United Ukraine creates communication platforms for experts, activists, authorities, foreign analysts, politicians, and diplomats, delivering fruitful recommendations and solutions. Upon necessity, we also provide recommendations for the authorities to make effective decisions.

Additionally, the think tank aims to combat Russian propaganda and Russian narratives within the Ukrainian information space. We also strive to work with international media to deliver analytical products that will serve the foreign policy and economic interests of Ukraine, interrupting the Russian narratives picked up by many international publications.

In times of war, all citizens should do what they do best, helping the country on the fronts where they can be the most useful. By conducting independent research, we aim to highlight key trends, uncover development problems, and explore the unused potential of the state and society.

Our team


Media mentions and articles


Analyzing the functioning of Russian regions as ethnic entities and the economic and geographical subjects of the Russian Federation. Debunking numerous Russian imperial myths that aim to form the positions of influence on Ukraine. Strengthening the positions of Ukraine in the West.


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