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Ukraine's offensive continues on the southern and eastern directions, - Dmytro Levus

Dmytro Levus, expert of the United Ukraine Think Tank, international expert, in a commentary for Voice of America, notes that Ukraine's offensive continues on the southern and eastern directions.

"The fact that there are not many press reports about the situation now suggests that everything is going on calmly. NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov was right when he said that there are no 'deadlines' or schedules, as the offensive is going on in difficult conditions, with strong fortifications and mine danger. The Russians have mined large areas, several mines per square meter. In such conditions, when there is a certain lack of demining equipment, no air superiority, the offensive continues - in a working order," Dmytro Levus tells the Voice of America's Russian Service.

He notes that in the current war, Ukraine has conducted successful offensives.

"We have already seen the Russian front collapse in the Kharkiv region. And we will see a positive result of the Ukrainian offensive in August," Levus believes.

Politically, there are no conditions that would force Ukraine to accept Russia's terms.

"Peace can only be established under President Zelensky's Ukrainian peace formula. It contains fundamental positions: the liberation of their territories, the withdrawal of Russian troops and justice. And it cannot be without punishment for Russian war criminals," Dmytro Levus says.

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