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The West is holding on to a world that no longer exists, - Petro Oleshchuk

Iran is waging a war against Israel with the help of its proxies, while China and Russia have limited themselves to formal statements. Petro Oleshchuk, an expert at the United Ukraine think tank, writes about this in an article for the Obozrevatel. The article can be found below or here.

The main conclusion that the part of the world that considers itself civilized and democratic should make at this point is that the "Axis of Evil" exists. This is no longer a journalistic metaphor or a figurative comparison. It is an absolutely real geopolitical alliance of Russia, Iran and China (and a number of the latter's satellites). Yes, unlike the conventional "Triple Alliance," this is not some kind of formal association based on treaties and solemn signings, but it is a reality. A reality based on the most important thing. The benefit of the participants.

In this case, the parties do not even need to clearly advertise their position. The main thing is the exchange of resources and everything necessary. Now, for example, Iran is waging a war against Israel with the help of its "proxies," while China and Russia have limited themselves to formal statements calling for "peace," and China has also mentioned the "Palestinian state" that needs to be created.

But this is not what is important. What matters is that each side has something that the other needs. Russia has almost limitless natural resources that can be supplied, experience in real modern warfare, Iran has many "proxies," many different weapons, including openly terrorist ones, and a wealth of experience in terrorism. China has a very powerful economy with a significant military potential, and is ready to consume Russian resources. Each of these states has its own "spheres" and is ready to recognize them for other participants. And most importantly, they see the West as the enemy and are ready for this enmity.

And this is quite enough for the union. After all, interests work much better than papers. And we see the results of this cooperation. Russian resources are going to China, and from there chips and the necessary electronics are coming back. Iranian "shaheds" are massively used by Russian troops, who, in turn, give "feedback" on products, allowing them to be improved. Iranian "proxies" in the war against Israel use Russian experience in modern warfare.

The advantage of autocracies in the modern world is that they do not require long discussion procedures and years to develop solutions. A couple of dictators meet, talk, and that's it - the agreement is ready and starts working. And the rest of the world continues to live in the past, treating each situation as a separate, "autonomous" one.

While the "evil" unites and works for the sake of common interests, the opposite side seeks to conclude separate "non-aggression pacts" with individual parts of the "evil". The idea is certainly interesting, but it does not work. The "axis of evil" will work more and more synchronized, regardless of whether someone in the "West" wants to admit it or not.

It is significant that Russia has recently completely resigned itself to the role of "junior partner." It is actually being squeezed out of the South Caucasus, and they seem to be completely fine with it. After Azerbaijan restored its territorial integrity, they have nothing to cling to there. No, they realize that they cannot sustain their old ambitions, so they have to recognize the role of junior partners, because the mere availability of resources is not a basis for a serious role. But it is their great fortune that in the modern world there are many authoritarian, imperialist, and aggressive regimes with which they can easily find common ground.

The Kremlin clearly no longer claims to be anything special. They only want to support the regime, ensure its preservation, and help with the "zone of influence." In return, partners will receive resources and many other valuable options. Including weapons testing.

Will the "West" recognize this? We'll see. They seem to be inclined to hold on to a world that no longer exists and will never exist, where it is possible to negotiate separately with all authoritarian regimes and gain "stability." But there will be no such thing as stability.

Source: "Obozrevatel"

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