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The US supported Volodymyr Zelensky's peace plan

Foreign policy analyst Anton Kuchuhidze believes that based on President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to the US, Zelensky achieved at least several goals. The expert explained his position in a comment for the Voice of America.

"The president finalized the arrangements for the Patriot systems. Additional military aid worth $1.85 billion was announced," Kuchuhidze told the Voice of America Russian Service correspondent.

In his opinion, the enthusiastic reaction in Congress to Zelensky's speech may indicate the desire of American lawmakers to support the $45 billion support project for Ukraine in 2023.

"From the insider's point of view, what the American and other publications wrote about -- you will not find anything negative about this visit... National Security Council's John Kirby noted that the leaders of Ukraine and the United States could talk about what will happen after the war -- the future of Russia, whether negotiations are possible and when... Joe Biden publicly supported Zelensky's peace plan," Kuchuhidze emphasized.

Negotiations with Russia, according to the peace plan of President Zelensky, are possible only after the withdrawal of all occupying troops.

"During the meeting with Zelensky, Biden said that there are general budget issues, 45 billion for Ukraine, but there is also a separate Pentagon line - military equipment to help Ukraine. Most likely, the military and technical assistance for Ukraine next year will be greater than the mentioned figures," the political scientist noted.

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