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The transfer of Russia’s arrested assets to Ukraine is beneficial for the West - Anton Kuchuhidze

Anton Kuchuhidze, a foreign policy expert at United Ukraine, believes that the gradual process of increasing arms supplies in 2022 allowed Ukraine to secure victories on the battlefield and look to the future with confidence. He shared his thoughts in a comment for the Voice of America.

"According to the results of 2022, we have liberated over forty percent of the territory occupied since February 24. An important matter that Ukraine has been working on with the United States is the supply of Patriot systems, air defense systems, and heavy weapons from Germany. The new Prime Minister of Great Britain, Rishi Sunak, is pursuing an active policy of increasing aid to Ukraine. In the format of the Rammstein summit, Ukraine receives all the necessary weapons and ammunition, which have become increasingly more powerful. We can see this from reports from Russia - how effectively HIMARS cope with their task," Anton Kuchuhidze explains.

According to the expert, in the economic sphere, Ukraine's strategic partners - the United States and the European Union - have declared the principle of indefinite support.

"Strengthening sanctions against Russian oligarchs, as well as lowering the marginal rate for Russian oil, will allow Ukraine to achieve victory and restore its sovereignty over the occupied territories. In 2023, an important step will be the Global Peace Summit, most likely at the UN site. In the legal sphere, it is necessary to finalize the decision on transferring Russian assets to Ukraine - according to the EU, $300 billion worth of assets are under seizure under the jurisdiction of the collective West. The West will benefit from such a scenario: they will spend fewer taxpayers' money, and Ukraine will receive seized Russian assets for the further fight," Kuchuhidze emphasizes.

Kuchuhidze also names the return of Ukrainians from captivity and the return of forcibly abducted people from the occupied territories as the main tasks of 2023.

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