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The heroism of the Ukrainians changed the status of Ukraine and increased the trust of its partners

The heroism of the Ukrainian people, the Armed Forces, and the stability of the government propelled foreign partners to believe in Ukraine and strengthened the subjectivity of our state. Foreign policy expert and co-founder of the Analytical Center United Ukraine Anton Kuchuhidze conveyed this on the air of the Inter TV channel.

"Previously, external elites who could support Ukraine in a real struggle against the Russian terrorists did not encourage the fight. But today, when they see the heroism of the Ukrainian people, the heroism of the Ukrainian army, that the leadership of the state did not flee, and that Ukraine can resist and win, there are certain political dividends. Now, yes, let's take Crimea by military means. What has changed? The status of Ukraine has changed and the trust in Ukraine. Not only the population's confidence in our heroism but also the fact that our Western partners have seen what the Ukrainian army can do to the enemy," the expert noted.

Source: «Інтер»

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