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The genocide against Ukraine has turned the Russian Federation into a toxic enclave

In an interview for the February Morning media project, the international political scientist and co-founder of United Ukraine, Anton Kuchuhidze, assessed the progress of Western countries in supporting Ukraine and noted the increasing isolation of the Russian Federation on the international stage.

"Poland is strengthening its role in supporting Ukraine. Conventionally speaking, a clear triangle is forming in the collective West: USA, Great Britain, and Poland. Washington, London, and Warsaw become the initiators and decision-makers in this regard. I do not belittle the support of other European states that have changed their policy but remain less reactive in supporting Ukraine. In the issue of arms transfer, Germany is generally oriented toward the policy of the United States. Germany has radically changed its military policy concerning Ukraine. According to Ukrainian diplomats, colossal work is underway to finalize the issue of transferring heavy weapons to Ukraine. In addition, I would like to note that during wartime, diplomacy works in a way that you and I can discuss the issue of the transfer of weapons that have already been transferred. There is a security system during the transfer of one or another type of weapon. Sometimes we can only assume and forecast certain issues," the expert noted.

According to him, the continuation of Russia's war crimes and disregard of international law fundamentally changes its relations with Western countries, causes world players to revise the logic of economic cooperation, and strengthens global support for Ukraine.

"The advantage of Ukraine's position during the meeting in Ramstein in 2023 is that there is no need to communicate our needs. Our partners are deeply aware of our needs and key threats, providing full support to our country. The isolation of the Russians continues against the background of all the crimes they commit. The absence of the Russian Federation at the World Economic Forum in Davos is another signal that nothing will go the way the Russians are used to. They started a war in the post-Soviet space, such as Georgia, in the occupied Moldovan territories, or Ukraine, and then sold the concept of "business as usual" to the West. That's it, this story is over. Today, Russia, its oligarchs, and large state-owned enterprises are toxic to Western business. Today, the Russian Federation is the top country in the world by the number of imposed sanctions (more than 12,900 sanction restrictions as of December 2022). We don't see the leaders of North Korea and Iran in Davos. Russia today is North Korea, only bigger," concluded Anton Kuchuhidze.

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