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The effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces renders the Korean scenario impossible in Ukraine

While one cannot rule out the possibility of a Korean scenario in Ukraine, it is unlikely in the foreseeable future. Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are effectively solving the task of restoring state sovereignty and territorial integrity set by the President, the military command, and the people of Ukraine, as Valentyn Gladkikh, an expert of the United Ukraine think tank, highlighted in an interview for Apostrophe TV.

"One should understand that the Korean scenario arose from a parity of forces when none of the parties could change the situation by force. If this happens on the battlefields in Ukraine, this is also possible, but today's reality is somewhat different. There is no power parity, and vice versa - we see how support for Ukraine is increasing, especially after the visit of Volodymyr Zelenskyi to the United States of America. After the visit of US senators to Ukraine, who highly appreciated the accounting and reporting of weapons received from partners," the expert noted.

According to him, Russia has enough resources to continue this war, but they are not infinite. "I don't see any serious strengthening of industrialization taking place in Russia so that they start producing some new weapons. So far, everything is limited exclusively to Iranian drones and mobilization," Valentyn Gladkikh added.

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