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The economic situation in the Russian Federation. Thematic issue: the import of microchips

Despite the technological sanctions imposed by the US and the EU against the Russian Federation, Russia continues to purchase the electronics and chips it needs for weapons.

In particular, a joint study by Reuters and the Royal Joint Defense Research Institute (RUSI) is devoted to this topic.

The analytical report highlights the mechanisms of using Turkey and Turkish companies as a hub for circumventing sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation.

For our part, we will try to analyze the dynamics of the import of chips to the Russian Federation from other countries (calculations made are the author's).

As one can see, in January 2021, the total import of microchips amounted to approximately 70 million dollars. The main flow of products came from the EU, the US, and the UK. Deliveries from China, Taiwan, and other countries were insignificant.

In March 2022, given Western sanctions and the self-censorship of suppliers, the supply of microchips to the Russian Federation fell to $40 million. However, on the eve of the war, these numbers were at $140-150 million per month.

In September 2022, the import of microchips to the Russian Federation recovered to a record 260 million dollars, and the structure of the main suppliers changed: the volume of supplies from the EU, the US, and Great Britain amounted to only 30 million dollars. The rest of the countries, including Taiwan, accounted for about 30 million dollars. Instead, China became the main supplier of microchips to the Russian Federation, with a volume of almost 200 million dollars.


· Microchips play a key role in the deployment of the new program of the Russian Federation regarding the rearmament of the army, in particular in the segment of missile production and the production of combat drones;

Blocking the supply of microchips from the EU, Great Britain, and the US was quickly compensated by the Russian Federation at the expense of China.

· There is a stereotypical perception of Russia's dependence on supplies of microchips from Taiwan, as the world's largest producer of microchips, which is not justified.

Blocking the supply of microchips to the Russian Federation is becoming one of the most important areas of sanctions policy, particularly in the context of the imposition of cursory sanctions on third countries and their companies.

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