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The belief in its exceptionalism and the lack of strategic planning are leading the RF to defeat

Russia is using the Syrian experience of destabilization and creating a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Reproduction of this tactic in fundamentally different conditions laid the foundations for the strategic defeat of Russia.

Dmytro Levus, a political scientist and expert at United Ukraine, shared his thoughts in a comment for Caravansarai.

"Russia has strategic planning, that's a fact. But it is, to put it mildly, not up to par. The bet on the Assad regime also turned out to be correct, because he resisted. But globally, the Russians could not gain a foothold in Syria. Their influence did not become monopolistic as they wanted. Turkey and the United States intervened, which was the main miscalculation," Levus noted.

In his opinion, one of the main reasons for Russian failures was Russia's excessive self-confidence. "Even from the experience of personal communication with Russian diplomats or experts, one can come to the disappointing conclusion that they are very "educated", the "encyclopedic" nature of their knowledge can be traced. But this arrogance and belief in the exclusivity of the Russian world create a certain blind spot. Especially when it comes to strategic planning. And even more so when it comes to the Ukrainian issue," the expert added.

Dmytro Levus emphasized that the use of the strategy practiced in Syria in Ukraine is significantly less effective and demonstrates the limitations and narrow-mindedness of Russian thinking.

"Surovikin believed that if air terror worked in Syria, including the destruction of civilian and critical infrastructure, forcing them to negotiate a surrender, it should work in Ukraine as well. However, it does not work for one simple reason - the difference in conditions. First, Ukraine has a strong air defense and anti-missile defense. Again, Ukraine is ready to resist, which Russia doesn't account for at all, considering Ukraine a weak state. Additionally, we have effective Western assistance in strengthening air defense," concluded Dmytro Levus.

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