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Russia is an absolutely destructive element of international politics - Valentyn Gladkykh

Russia openly abuses its veto right in the UN Security Council, as a political scientist and expert of United Ukraine Valentyn Gladkykh emphasized on the We are Ukraine TV channel.

"Russia tends to believe that all other countries can be a tool for ensuring its national interests. But the world does not revolve around Russia. It's funny when someone violates all international norms and at the same time appeals to them when they want to protect their privileges," the expert noted.

The political scientist highlighted that akin behavior confirms that the Russian Federation will not be able to restore its pre-war status in the foreseeable future.

"This applies to international prestige, authority in the international arena, membership in international organizations, participation in economic processes, international cooperation, and scientific or technical cooperation. Russia will not be able to restore all this. I think the same can be said for the status of the Russian Federation in the UN," said Valentyn Gladkykh.

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