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Putin will lose the war in Ukraine, his only prospect is the Hague

Political scientist and co-founder of the analytical center United Ukraine Anton Kuchuhidze said this in a comment for Radio France Internationale.

"The Russian Federation is not friends with reality. They are guided by the logic of fear: if they compromise and accept Ukraine's conditions, their regime will collapse from within. That is, the Russian electorate is not ready to accept defeat. The political regime would fall victim to its propaganda. Therefore, they do not have a real political solution now about how to get out of the endeavor they started on February 24 so that their internal regime does not collapse," the expert noted.

Problems at the battleground led not only to economic but also to diplomatic problems for the Kremlin. Friendly countries have already begun to distance themselves from Putin. China and Turkey are no exception: each of these nations maintained relations with Russia to profitably purchase cheap energy resources. After the adoption of the price ceiling, trade with the Russian Federation became toxic, and therefore unprofitable, Kuchuhidze explained.

"China is a global factory, an export-oriented economy. They do not need to be identified as an ally or a partner of Russia. After all, for China, sanctions are a disadvantageous scenario. The closure of Western markets is also an unprofitable scenario. If we talk about Turkey, it has always been a situational ally of Russia. Their cooperation was based exclusively on financial benefits for Istanbul, in particular, in the matter of energy resources. However, strategically, these two states are classic antagonists. This especially applies to the Black Sea region and the Middle East," the political scientist added.

As Kuchuhidze explained, the head of the Kremlin found himself in a stalemate. He will lose the war to Ukraine, and his only prospect is a court in The Hague. He will no longer be respected in Europe, even if he withdraws the troops.

"No one will ever talk to Putin on an equal footing after all the horrors he has wrought on Ukraine. Therefore, it is simply not relevant to talk about his political influence. He is already history. He can only soften his end by immediately ending the war. He's slowly heading toward a political demise and life imprisonment. In other words, he has little choice," the expert concluded.

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