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Putin continues to fuel the confidence of russians that RF is at war with the West - Ihor Petrenko

The Russian Federation is trying to use any opportunity to pressure Ukraine. Putin's goal is to hold negotiations in any possible way since Russia requires a pause to regain strength and regroup its troops, as Ihor Petrenko, a political scientist at the United Ukraine think tank, told UNIAN.

According to Petrenko, Putin fulfilled the need to tell the Russians about the achievements of the so-called special military operation by suddenly claiming that the Sea of Azov has turned into "the internal sea of Russia". In simple words: when there are no achievements on the ground, he talks about the capture of the seas. Against the background of losing Kherson, the only large city that the Russian army occupied in the first days of the full-scale invasion, all these stories from Putin's mouth sound ridiculous.

Source: UNIAN

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