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Moscow has become too toxic even for terrorist regimes - Dmytro Levus

Despite the fact that, as of today, the imposed sanctions are not capable of stopping the war in Ukraine and making it impossible for other dictators to support Putin's aggression, they are still helpful.

Dmytro Levus, a political scientist and expert at United Ukraine, shared his thoughts with the Telegraph publication. According to him, the Ukrainian government and diplomacy need to work on strengthening restrictions against regimes that support Russia with weapons.

"It will be more difficult to influence the DPRK economically than Iran because it is a rather closed state. Despite this, it is worth noting that the governments of both countries are trying to deny information about arms deliveries and are distancing themselves from Russia in every possible way. This shows that Moscow has become too toxic even for terrorist regimes that do not want to come under sanctions pressure," the expert explained.

At the same time, a radical solution to the problem of arms supplies to the Russian Federation, mentioned by Mykhailo Podolyak, could also take place. At least in the case of Iran since Israel has already struck Iranian territory and carried out special military operations there.

"With the presence of high-tech weapons, nothing is impossible. The situation with North Korea is more difficult, as it was last attacked by South Korea in the 70s. However, the main problem is that Ukraine cannot do it from a technical point of view. The US and Israel, which can do it, will take such a step only if they are sure that the threat level is high enough for such a reaction. Let's be honest, there are not many chances of this happening," the expert noted.

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