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International Press Review dated 18 - 29 September 2023

Currently, Ukraine continues to protect freedom and democratic values of the whole world. This is exactly how we may characterize the sentiment of our partners. In addition to that, the understanding that Ukraine is fighting for the future of all future generations is beginning to appear even among partners far beyond the borders of the European continent. This is what the current review of the international press demonstrates.

A journalist of The Washington Post expressed an interesting opinion regarding the fact that the cessation of aid to Ukraine by Western partners means actually coming to terms with the fact that russia does what it wants in Ukraine. If this happens, the collective West may face another seizure of foreign territory by russia or any other country that has come to the conclusion that the West lacks the collective will to resist such aggression. I have repeatedly emphasized that Ukraine is the shield of Europe, and Poland or another European state can be the next country.

It is very important that this idea is currently shared not only by the West, but also by other countries, in order to get the support of which we conduct work in the diplomatic and information areas. Recently, in an interview to The Washington Post, President of Chile Gabriel Borik said: "Today it is Ukraine, and tomorrow it could be one of us." The President noted: "In order to have peace, it is necessary to determine who is to blame for the start of the war. You may not like President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and you may not like the history of Ukraine. But who violated the territorial integrity of a free state and international law? russia did. It is crystal clear to me. We can only protect ourselves by respecting international law. As I already said, today it is Ukraine, tomorrow it can be any of us."

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen expressed the same opinion during a conversation with a correspondent of The Washington Post. She emphasized that Ukraine is fighting for its survival, but it is also fighting for the democratic values of the whole of Europe. In addition to that, in the story by Bloomberg, Ursula von der Leyen also spoke about the process of reforms in Ukraine. She is impressed with the progress Ukraine has made in implementing the reforms needed for its accession to the EU.

Provision of ATACMS missiles is one of the major topics recently covered by The Wall Street Journal. US President Biden stated that he is ready to provide Ukraine with advanced long-range ATACMS missiles that will serve for the counteroffensive.

Ukraine has long been looking for missiles that could blow up russian supply lines, logistics warehouses and headquarters far behind the front lines. Provision of ATACMS by the US could also prompt Germany to provide its long-range Taurus cruise missiles. Berlin has indicated that it prefers to move along with Washington in providing new types of military aid. Therefore, I hope for a quick and positive decision by Berlin and other partners.

Currently, Ukraine is the shield of Europe and the guarantor of democratic values. If the russian terrorist state, which commits open aggression, is not stopped, it will spread to Europe. That is why Ukraine needs rapid weaponization, moreover, with qualitative and quantitative weapons capable of ending this war as soon as possible. Thanks to partners for their support!

The members of Congress, presidential candidates and allies who are reluctant to provide additional aid to Ukraine might consider the result of the Munich Agreement and its inability to satisfy the appetite of Hitler for more territory. In essence, withholding aid is resigning to let Russia do as it will in Ukraine. Carried to its ultimate conclusion, we can aid Ukraine sufficiently to defeat Russia’s ambitions today, or we can face another grab by Russia or any other territory-hungry country that has concluded we lack the collective will to resist their aggression.

We should at least try to be. One of the main principles I believe in is respect for human rights. It doesn’t matter what government is violating human rights — if it’s the left or the right. If people are suffering, we should raise our voices — for example, in response to what is going on in Nicaragua or Ukraine.

In order to have peace, you have to identify who is responsible for the start of the war. You can dislike President [Volodymyr] Zelensky or you can dislike the history of Ukraine. But who violated a free country’s territorial integrity and international law? Russia did. So it’s crystal clear for me. We can only defend ourselves by respecting international law. As I said before, today it is Ukraine, tomorrow it could be any of us.

In democracies, the political climate can always change, but I am confident that our core values and the future that all of us as individuals here in the free West are driving for [mean that] it really pays off to help Ukraine. Aiding Ukraine is not charity. It’s standing up for the European way of life, in this case, Western values and of course, it’s the [country’s] sovereignty, territorial integrity, and those are the values that we share. What would happen if we let go of Ukraine or stopped helping them? Perhaps there wouldn’t be Ukraine, but there certainly would be a very empowered Russia. And I don’t think anybody benefits from that, especially not neighboring countries.

The member states are amazingly supportive of Ukraine. We know that Ukraine is fighting for its survival, but it’s also fighting for our values. The budget support we are giving them is to make sure that they can pay the basic salaries so that their government and country keep functioning, while we know their main task is to defend themselves against Russia. Then, of course, there has been a lot of member-state bilateral support with military capabilities. If you take it all together — budget support, military support, humanitarian support and refugee support — it is 77 billion euros.

President Biden has told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that he is willing to provide advanced long-range, surface-to-surface missiles to help Kyiv with its counteroffensive, U.S. officials say.

Ukraine has long sought the missiles, which could blast Russian supply lines, logistics depots and headquarters far behind the front lines. Their importance for Kyiv has grown since supplies of long-range cruise missiles from the British and French have begun to dwindle.

The U.S. provision of ATACMS could also encourage Germany to provide its Taurus long-range cruise missile. Berlin has indicated that it prefers to move with Washington in providing new types of military aid.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she is “amazed” at the progress Ukraine is making in implementing the reforms required for its bid to join the EU. “If they keep the pace — and I see they’re absolutely motivated — this is a decisive moment,” she told Bloomberg Television last night on the sidelines of the UN meetings in New York.

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