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In the Russia, it is the military that can become the driving force behind the overthrow of regime

Ihor Petrenko, Ph.D. and expert at United Ukraine, believes that the increase in the range of military supplies to Ukraine brings Russia's defeat on the battlefield closer. A defeat that will prove a serious blow to the Putin regime.

"Regarding the collapse of Russia - here we need to understand what one means by a collapse. If we look at the geopolitical situation, the Russian Federation has already experienced the collapse of its position in the international arena. If we are talking about a collapse inside the Russian Federation, the collapse of Putin's regime is highly probable. The war against Ukraine has already demonstrated that Putin is weak, mad, and should be replaced by someone else. Is the collapse of the Russian Federation its disintegration? To some extent, in my opinion, yes. At the same time, there are no serious centrifugal movements among national formations. Russia has no bright opposition to the center that could activate movements for the independence of various national republics. Bright leaders are either serving their time in jail or are abroad," the expert explained.

Petrenko also noted that the military defeat of the Russian Federation would turn into a search for a scapegoat. But it is not a fact that the military will allow politicians to impose the fall exclusively on the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense. "And it is the military that can become the driving force for the overthrow of the Putin regime, explaining that it was his senseless political decisions that led to the military defeat of the Russian Federation," Ihor Petrenko suggested.

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