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In the foreseeable future, we will expand the range of weapons we receive, - Ihor Petrenko

Ukraine will expand the range of weapons it receives, the effective use of which is necessary for a more productive offensive. This was stated by Ihor Petrenko, expert at the United Ukraine Think Tank, in a commentary for

"On the military front, the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue to find weaknesses in the defense of the occupying Russian army in order to break through and gain operational space. As a result, we will liberate as many of our territories as possible. We are making progress - some of it localized, some of it wider. The search for a weak spot continues."

At the same time, the expert notes, there are battles on the political and diplomatic front. One of the most important areas is Ukraine's continued acquisition of various types of weapons, including new ones.

"We have made progress with the American F-16 aircraft, which Denmark and the Netherlands are ready to provide us with. We are working on obtaining Swedish Gripen fighters. We emphasize the importance of increasing the number and range of long-range missiles and armored vehicles provided to us. And Zelenskyy's recent visits were precisely about expanding military assistance to Ukraine," explains Ihor Petrenko.

According to him, another diplomatic circuit is the promotion of the Ukrainian peace formula. The expert recalls that on August 5-6, consultations were held in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), and preparations for the Global Peace Summit are underway, where the relevant Zelenskyy formula and the possibility of its implementation will be discussed at the level of heads of state.

"We also continue to work on obtaining the security guarantees Ukraine needs (we are engaged in a substantive dialogue with the Americans and the British, and are trying to involve other countries), as well as on establishing an International Tribunal to punish Russia for its war crimes," emphasizes Ihor Petrenko.

Commenting on the situation on the information front, he noted that we are actively debunking Russian myths, all their fakes about Ukraine, our offensive, etc. We are repelling all kinds of probing on the topic of exchanging territories for NATO membership. We stand our ground and respond promptly.

"I think that in the near future we will see an expansion of the range of weapons we receive, effective use of everything for a more productive offensive and de-occupation of our territories. I also predict an increase in the number of countries that agree with our peace formula and are ready to become guarantors of our security. By the end of the year, we will try to come up with specifics on all these issues," summarizes Ihor Petrenko.

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