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Everyone understands that Russia will lose - Anton Kuchuhidze

The exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council is possible provided that Ukrainian diplomacy assumes a compelling and active position.

International political scientist and co-founder of United Ukraine Anton Kuchuhidze stated this on the We are Ukraine TV channel.

"If the status of the Russian Federation is not changed, if the matter is not resolved in Russia's military defeat, then in 10 years, we will get another large-scale invasion or a war in Europe. The Western partners must understand this," Kuchuhidze noted.

The expert added that post-war security guarantees are necessary not only for Ukraine but also for Europe. After the victory of Ukraine, it will be possible to develop a new security model.

"Everyone understands that the Russians will lose, and the key question is what the world order will look like since Russia also aimed to destabilize the European security system with the invasion of Ukraine. And now our Western partners will need guarantees to know that this will not happen again. After the victory of Ukraine, Russia must provide these guarantees, or it will be necessary to form political and military-political mechanisms so that such aggression and large-scale war in Europe will not repeat," said Anton Kuchuhidze.

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