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EU countries lift restrictions on aid to Ukraine, a turning point on the way to victory

Anton Kuchukhidze, international political scientist and co-founder of the analytical center United Ukraine, remarked on the intensity of political decision-making, which contributes to the strengthening of Ukraine's potential.

"All kinds of barriers are being removed from the states. France is providing offensive weapons, Germany has lifted restrictions inside the country, and is making military and technical decisions beneficial to Ukraine. It's already a political turning point that will bring victory to Ukraine," Anton Kuchukhidze told the correspondent of the Voice of America.

He noted that several factors allow Ukraine to quickly achieve positive decisions regarding the supply of military equipment.

"The first is a purely Ukrainian factor, the unity of the people, victories on the battlefield, efficiency, including the use of Western equipment, active diplomacy of the President of Ukraine. The great diplomatic marathon he leads constitutes dozens of negotiations a day and the intensive work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," Anton Kuchuhidze highlighted.

According to him, the perception of the threat from Russia has changed in the international arena. "The West has realized that this is a threat not only to Ukraine but to the whole of Central Europe. These two factors make it possible to effectively enhance military-technical cooperation to the benefit of Ukraine," Anton Kuchuhiddze emphasized.

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