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Certain types of weapons may be transferred to Ukraine earlier than it will be announced publicly

Russians do not change their plans to seize Ukrainian territories, but the international coalition in support of Ukraine is increasing its political and logistical support for our state. Anton Kuchuhidze, an international political scientist and co-founder of United Ukraine, shared his thoughts in an interview for the Witness ("Svidok") media project.

"If we analyze the meeting of the Lublin triangle leaders - the presidents of Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland - after the meeting, they published a joint statement emphasizing the indefiniteness of support for Ukraine, including in the military and technical direction. Poland and Lithuania will continue to support Ukraine in issues of Euro-Atlantic integration. This meeting of the presidents and the statements that were made are a logical continuation of the summer G7 statement. These two formats consist of specific states that are the world's leading economies," the expert noted.

He also confirmed that there is no support among the Belarusian military for an unjust war against Ukraine, which has full-fledged signs of genocide against the population.

"Belarus today is a co-aggressor of the Russian attack against Ukraine. If we look at the resolution of the UN General Assembly in 1973, which defined what aggression is and the forms of aggression, we see that providing one's territory to conduct military operations against a third state is also a form of aggression against an independent state. The actions of the Russian Federation in Belarus are aimed at provoking Ukraine to a strong response, after which the Belarusians will be forced to react, and the ideal response for the Russians is the direct joining of Belarus in military operations. Lukashenko is not such a simple politician as he is used to being perceived. Joining the aggression against Ukraine allows him to receive economic benefits from the Russian Federation, but today he is trying to do everything so that the fall of the Russian Federation does not become the fall of his regime," said Anton Kuchuhidze.

Source: «Свідок»

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