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Anton Kuchukhidze: Russia seeks negotiations in order to have time to regroup, rearm and attack

Russia is not interested in ending the war. This was stated by Anton Kuchukhidze, an international expert and co-founder of the United Ukraine think tank, in a commentary for

"If we talk about the situation around the grain deal, the problem is not only in the war of the racists against Ukraine, it is much deeper. Analyzing, for example, the business aspect of this issue, the fact that Ukrainian farmers have always been competitors with Russians on the world market is obvious. And by destroying our agricultural infrastructure, Russia is securing its best position in the global market. After all, few sanctions have been imposed on the food sector of the aggressor country. For a year now, Ukraine has been lobbying for restrictions to apply to this sector as well. And now it's time for the EU to change its position and start imposing sanctions against the food sector of the racist federation (against the backdrop of the terror it is inflicting on the Ukrainian food sector)," the expert said.

Another point, according to the expert, is that Russia hopes to use the increase in rates, the increase in shelling of the port structure, and the general aggravation around food security to enter into new negotiations. Both with Ukraine and the collective West. Negotiations on a conditional pause in the war in order to have time to regroup, rearm, and attack again.

"The aggressor fails to do this. There is a principled position of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy not to negotiate with the terrorist Putin. There is also an understanding on the part of the West that President Zelensky's peace formula, which provides for the start of negotiations only after the complete de-occupation of Ukrainian territories, is the only way to end the war, not just suspend it. Therefore, even an attempt by Russia to create a global food crisis will not force Ukraine and the West to start negotiations with the Nazis," Anton Kuchukhidze is sure.

In addition, he reminds, the Ukrainian leader gave the task to ensure the operation of the grain corridor during the meeting of the Stavka. Consultations are underway between Ukraine and Turkey in this regard. In parallel, today, July 26, the NATO-Ukraine Council will meet on this issue. We are using a wide range of mechanisms (diplomatic, military and technical) to restore the maritime grain corridor, the expert states.

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