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Anton Kuchuhidze: Ukraine demonstrates efficiency in the use of Western aid and weapons

According to a foreign policy analyst and co-founder of United Ukraine Anton Kuchihidze, the statements of Ukraine’s international partners are aimed at more than supporting the country with military aid.

In his comment to the Voice of America, Kuchihidze stated, “One can ensure civil security with military-technical means, but the humanitarian component today requires generators. From both directions, the American establishment shows full support. Earlier, President Biden addressed Congress representatives and singled out Ukraine as a priority for funding next year. The aid will only increase, and the trust between presidents, foreign ministers, and defense ministers will only grow as Ukraine demonstrates efficiency in the use of Western aid and weapons.”

According to Kuchihidze, relations between Ukraine and the United States are based on support in three directions.

"Support to Ukraine continues in three directions: military and technical aid, anti-Russian sanctions, and the economy, including the funds to restore Ukraine. This triangle does not change; it only deepens," Kuchihidze concluded.

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