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A diplomatic scenario for achieving peace is possible, but conditions must be created for it

In his commentary for the Voice of America, political scientist Anton Kuchuhidze noted that Biden and Zelensky discussed the possibility of achieving peace diplomatically if the corresponding conditions were created.

"The (Ukrainian) president recalled the peace plan he presented at the G20 summit. President Biden also spoke about the possibility of negotiations with Putin if certain conditions were created. Currently, these conditions do not exist. As emphasized in the releases of the White House and the President's Office of Ukraine, both leaders would be happy to resolve something regarding the negotiations, but so far, there are no prerequisites from the Russian side," Kuchuhidze explained to the correspondent of the Voice of America.

According to the expert, the rhetoric of the two leaders is an important signal to doubting countries and China.

"This is a message that neither the US nor Ukraine is blocking the negotiation process. Russia, however, is doing nothing to bring about the process of settling the situation. An akin signal is useful for the countries of Asia and Africa about who and what is doing on the battlefield, for countries that sometimes say that Ukraine is not doing anything for a peaceful settlement," the political scientist emphasized.

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