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The purpose of Russian missile attacks is to intimidate the civilian population - Anton Kuchuhidze

From a military point of view, 30 or 70 missiles do not decide anything. The main goal of the Russians is to intimidate the population of Ukraine.

Anton Kuchuhidze, an foreign policy expert and co-founder of United Ukraine, stated this during the live broadcast of the We-Ukraine TV channel.

"From a military point of view, 30 missiles do not decide anything. Seventy rockets do not decide anything. That is, Russia's target is purely the population of Ukraine. To intimidate, to break our spirit. Our people will not break, and our people will fight. Our people learned how to ensure one's safety during shelling. It would have been better if the people never needed this knowledge," the expert noted.

Anton Kuchuhidze expressed his belief that all the weapons that Ukraine needs for the victory will be supplied, and the unprecedented experience of a large-scale war against the Russian Federation will allow the country to export valuable knowledge to NATO partner countries.

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