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Zelensky is implementing a step-by-step action plan leading to the defeat of the Russian Federation

Anton Kuchuhidze, an foreign policy expert and co-founder of United Ukraine, noted that President Zelensky has a clear agenda with three strategic directions, which answer the question of whether the prerequisites for the collapse of Russians are being created.

According to the expert, the first of these directions is to increase the military and technical support of Ukraine's needs with the help of our foreign partners.

"The December visit of the Ukrainian leader to Washington demonstrated the unfreezing of many military-technical issues, the expansion of such cooperation with the US and the collective West. This is evidenced by Zelensky's recent negotiations with the leaders of France, Great Britain, and other countries. As a result, our partners announce new and new supplies of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine," the expert explained.

The second strategic direction is the strengthening of sanctions pressure on Russia. "In addition to personal sanctions, freezing of accounts, seizure of assets, etc., the president and the entire Ukrainian diplomacy are working to ensure that all legal components are adopted as quickly as possible regarding not only the seizure of state funds of the Russian Federation but also their transfer to Ukraine. Our diplomatic corps is also working to reduce the marginal price of oil and gas of the aggressor countries, to reduce their exports. We see that the effect is already there," Anton Kuchuhidze emphasized, reminding that over 12,900 sanctions have already been imposed against the Russian Federation during the year.

The third direction is the peace summit scheduled for February. "This is a diplomatic mechanism of pressure on Russia to show that Ukraine is a peaceful, democratic, and responsible country, which has the right to defend itself using all tools. However, this does not mean that we do not consider diplomatic paths for the world system after our victory," the expert noted. "Any end to the war must be formalized in an appropriate international and legal manner. The initiative that Ukraine demonstrates in this regard is very positive. The relevant work is being conducted and gaining momentum. In this way, we are eradicating the narratives of Russian propaganda that Ukraine allegedly sees only a military scenario, blocking any negotiations. And so we get a good opportunity to create a separate diplomatic platform on our terms."


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