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Ukraine and the West are preparing a painful blow to Russian imperialism - Anton Kuchuhidze

Ukraine and the collective West will defeat Russia, as stated by the international political scientist and co-founder of the analytical center United Ukraine Anton Kuchuhidze.

In the last few days, all the well-known international media quoted Boris Johnson and Ben Wallace on how Russia acted a few days before the start of a large-scale war against Ukraine.

From the words of the two British leaders, Russia wanted to use the war against Ukraine purely to form a sphere of influence in Europe. Russia aimed to start changing the international security system in Europe, dictating terms to the collective West. With this, Moscow showed that it posed a direct threat to Western leaders. That is, Mr. Johnson's words about a possible missile attack on him serve as a vivid example of the inadequacy and senselessness of the terrorist state.

The information shared by British politicians confirmed my beliefs that the Russians started a war against Ukraine to challenge the collective West. After all, their ultimatum from December 2021, posed to the American side, demanded the return of NATO's borders to 1997.

At the same time, until 2014, Ukraine as a state at the official and doctrinal level never built a foreign or defense policy as anti-Russian. Since 1990, starting with the act on state sovereignty and the first fundamental foreign policy documents, Ukraine has always positioned itself as a peaceful democratic state that does not recognize any territorial claims to itself but also does not make claims to other states.

At the international legal level, Ukraine achieved recognition of its 1991 borders by the Russian Federation and never encroached on the territorial integrity of Russia, did not promote the return of the Kuban, and did not exacerbate the military-technical tensions between the two states. Even under this policy of absolute absence of hostile rhetoric and antagonistic foreign policy on the part of Ukraine, Russia began armed aggression in 2014.

After that, it is clear that Ukraine had no other choice but to take up arms and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ukraine has never been a threat to Russia until Russia attacked Ukraine. Until 2014 and even after - until February 24, 2022 - the collective West supported Ukraine only for defensive purposes and in no way encouraged the start of large-scale war and did not inflame the crisis but clearly outlined a diplomatic way to solve the situation in Donbas and the temporary occupation of Crimea. However, Russia still started the war.

Everything that Russia tried to impose on us during 20 years of their propaganda did not correspond to the mood of the Ukrainian political community. Changes occurred only after 2014 when we already looked at Russia with weapons in our hands and expected a military escalation, but we were not the first to start the war then.

That is, the Russians wanted to start the redistribution of European geopolitics from Ukraine. They thought that they would defeat our country and thus intimidate the whole of Europe. Instead, they received heroic resistance from Ukraine.

Today, Ukraine is already talking about victory in the war. The Russians got the unification of the collective West to support Ukraine, as well as not the borders of NATO until 1997, but, conditionally speaking, the boundaries of NATO in 2022.

Finland and Sweden will soon become members of the Alliance. Recently, during his speech on Ukraine, Mr. Biden aptly said that Russia always counted on the "Finlandization" of Europe, but received the "NATOization" of Finland - in the sense that Finland shall join NATO.

Finally, in world politics and the understanding of the collective West, Russia is a threat. For the first time after the collapse of the USSR, we see the systematic work of the collective West to curb Russian appetites. That is, the mistakes made in 2008 during the Russian aggression against Georgia and in 2014 against Ukraine were corrected after February 24, 2022.

With all its actions, Russia has proven that it is necessary to respond with strength to Russian aggression.

Ukraine and the collective West will defeat it.

After the victory of Ukraine, the Russian threat will be minimized, at least for a certain period. But one cannot rule out that Russia might seek revenge. Therefore, in addition to victory on the battlefield, the West must destroy the Russian economy.

Russian imperialism must be stopped soon because, in the sick imagination of Vladimir Putin, there is a desire to start a big war in Europe, and not only against Ukraine.

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