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The intelligence agencies of various countries are monitoring possible assistance to the russia

The list of states providing military support to the terrorist regime in the Russian Federation is limited to a few other terrorist states or authoritarian regimes. Ukraine's partners systematically monitor possible scenarios of military cooperation with Russia. International political scientist and co-founder of United Ukraine Anton Kuchuhidze noted this in a comment for the Pryamiy TV channel.

"Apart from terrorist regimes such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Belarus, the Russians currently have no partners in the military sense. Otherwise, we would know about it, because the military intelligence of the leading countries of the world closely monitors this issue. This primarily concerns China. As it is recognized by the United States as the main rival for global leadership for the next 10-15 years, the US will instantly learn about the help of the Russian Federation from China, even in terms of dual-purpose goods," the political scientist noted.

He also expressed his belief that the military support of Ukraine by international partners will continue until an acceptable result for the Ukrainian state, regardless of the intentions of the terrorist regime in the Russian Federation.

"After the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to outplay and defeat the Russians on the battlefield, trust in Ukraine as a military entity increased significantly. Today, we see the finalization of many decisions that were considered in March 2022. At the moment, I have the impression that there cannot be any bans on the supply of arms to Ukraine. Everything will be supplied because what the Russians are doing does not fit into any of the options for the future of Europe. Key in this plan was the statement of the G7 states about the indefinite military, political, economic, and humanitarian support of Ukraine. That is, everything necessary for the victory of Ukraine will be done. As for the use of various weapons, Ukraine has always been a subject in this war, and made decisions about conducting certain operations on its own," noted Anton Kuchuhidze.

Source: «Прямий»

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