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The complete restoration of Ukraine's sovereignty is a key indicator of victory – Petro Oleshchuk

On January 25, Analytical Center United Ukraine presented the finding of the Image of the Victory survey at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Commenting on the results, political scientist and expert of United Ukraine Petro Oleshchuk noted that the research is not an algorithm or engineering of the victory but rather a discourse of the victory in the expert community of Ukraine.

According to Petro Oleshchuk, one of the key conclusions is an absolute consensus regarding the restoration of Ukraine's sovereignty as one of the indicators of victory. In addition, there appears to be a similar consensus in society. At the same time, the interviewed experts recognized several problematic points regarding the realization of people's expectations.

"Among the problematic points is the reintegration of territories temporarily occupied by Russia. In particular, experts note that these territories will require a special management regime, gradual political reintegration, and inclusion in the political space of Ukraine. The experts expressed interesting opinions about what Ukraine initially needs to do to ensure the inclusion of these territories in the political body of Ukraine based on the restoration of local self-government, and only then, based on certain aspects of the restoration of the constitutional system. Likewise, the experts expressed the opinion that this should be regulated via separate legislation, which should be developed taking into account the peculiarities of the situation," said the political scientist.

The full text of the study, published on United Ukraine's website, can be found via the following link:

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