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The agreements between Russia and the DPRK should not be underestimated, - Oleksiy Kushch

The fact is that North Korea could become a kind of "Ural" of the Second World War.

Many people in Russia were under the illusion that Malyshev-style weapons production plants would now be launched in three shifts.

They have been launched, but there is no Malyshev effect yet.

The restrictions imposed by the format of the consumer society and the capitalist system are having an impact.

Many people here will argue, but the Russians have a pretty good market economy, albeit with a high level of state dirigisme.

Plus, there is a shortage of personnel.

Unemployment in Russia has hit a structural minimum of 3%, and there are simply no more labor resources.

Salaries are already at their highest - at some enterprises, up to 200 thousand rubles per month.

The DPRK is a rather complicated case.

There is a surplus of labor resources and their cheapness. A command-and-control system of management.

The possibility of labor repression and a diaphoretic system of organizing the production process.

Russia will give money for these projects, plus share technologies.

And the DPRK will create the same "Ural".

Soon, a shaft of shells and other ammunition will come from North Korea.

We need to be prepared for this.

Otherwise, we won't be able to feed them with bread, just laugh at Comrade Kim....

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