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International Press Review dated 19 - 30 June 2023

A review of the international press this week shows that Europe has once again finally understood that the rashist federation poses a threat to the entire security system in Europe and beyond. In addition to that, taking into account the recent events in the rashist federation itself, the myth of the monolithic nature of its power has been destroyed. Against the background of these events, support for Ukraine will likely increase, and the movement to NATO will accelerate.

A new poll conducted by the Reagan Institute shows that three quarters of Americans consider Ukraine's victory over russia important for the United States. That includes 86% Democrats and 71% Republicans. Supporters of providing aid to Ukraine argued that the most important thing was to counter russian aggression in Ukraine to prevent moscow from invading other neighbouring countries.

The survey also showed that people are more likely to support aid to Ukraine when they learn more about the details of the costs and results, The Washington Post wrote.

French Le Monde published an interesting article about the fact that Ukraine's accession to NATO aligns with the direction of history. In this article, the author urges Macron to support Ukraine, as this would strengthen his plans for "European strategic autonomy."

If Ukraine is not only armed and trained by its allies, but also has security guarantees from them, does it make sense to deny its membership. It is safe to say that this ambiguity will become increasingly useless and even dangerous, urging moscow to test the limits of our support for Ukraine.

Reuters reported that the European Commission said that the governments of the European Union member states support the idea of using the proceeds from frozen russian assets to finance Ukraine and they are reaching a consensus on the confiscation mechanisms.

As The Wall Street Journal noted, foreign ministers of European countries promised to provide new military support to Ukraine on Monday. After the armed uprising in russia last weekend, Germany announced that it would permanently deploy approximately 4,000 soldiers in NATO’s ally Lithuania. That is, this proves only one thing – while the rashist federation is conducting its aggressive policy, no one in Europe is protected from these actions. Our security is unified across the continent, and our partners understand that.

Currently, even countries such as France and Germany, which once blocked Ukraine's accession to NATO, do not rule out Ukraine's membership in the Alliance and openly state this. They transfer heavy weapons, became part of the tank coalition and generally made many changes in their policy. Therefore, membership in NATO will only formally confirm Ukraine's belonging to this bloc.

A survey released Sunday, conducted by the Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, finds that three-quarters of Americans think it’s important to the U.S. that Ukraine wins the war against Russian aggression. That includes 86% of Democrats and 71% of Republicans. Donald Trump demurred this year when asked who should win the war, but Americans don’t share his confusion.

Nearly 60% support sending U.S. military aid to Ukraine, a figure that has held roughly steady since a November 2022 survey. When presented with details that the U.S. has spent only 3% of its annual Pentagon budget on military aid for Ukraine, while Kyiv has held most of its territory, nearly two in three respondents say the aid was “worth the cost.”

European foreign ministers pledged fresh military support for Ukraine on Monday and Germany said it would permanently deploy roughly 4,000 soldiers to NATO ally Lithuania following an armed insurrection in Russia over the weekend.

European Union foreign ministers said at a monthly gathering that Russian President Vladimir Putin would likely emerge weakened from the clash with Wagner paramilitary group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin. Many expressed caution over how the Russian power struggle may play out but said the bloc’s focus will remain firmly on bolstering Ukraine.

Ukraine's defence minister said on Saturday that an international programme to train Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets could begin next month.

Kyiv, which has launched a counteroffensive against Russian forces, has repeatedly said it needs new Western aircraft to successfully counter Moscow's aerial dominance.

NATO members Denmark and the Netherlands are leading efforts by an international coalition to train pilots and support staff, maintain aircraft and ultimately supply F-16s to Ukraine.

The United States will provide Kyiv with a new military package worth up to $500 million, the Pentagon said on Tuesday, in a show of support for Ukraine's fight against Russia as Moscow deals with the aftermath of a mutiny by mercenary fighters.

The package will include ground vehicles including Bradley fighting vehicles and Stryker armored personnel carriers, and munitions for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, according to a statement from the Pentagon.

European Union governments are supportive of the idea to use the proceeds from frozen Russian assets to help finance Ukraine and they are converging on possible options, the European Commission said on Friday.

The 27-nation EU immobilised over 200 billion euros of assets of the Russian central bank and another 30 billion in private assets of Russian oligarchs over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

In Vilnius on July 11 and 12, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) partners will have to respond to Ukraine's membership application. France would be well advised to give clear support to the prospect of membership, something which could take effect at the end of the current war.

Firstly, this accession aligns with the direction of history. Diplomatic circumlocutions aside, once Ukraine is not only armed and trained by its allies but also enjoys security guarantees from them, does it still make sense to deny it membership, which would merely formalize the de facto reality? It's a safe bet that this ambiguity would become increasingly futile, and even dangerous, encouraging Moscow to test the limits of our support for Ukraine.

Secondly, Ukraine's integration into NATO could be an opportunity for France's vision of European security. France advocates greater "European strategic autonomy," i.e., a European defense approach that's less dependent on American armed forces.

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