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In terms of cooperation with NATO and the EU, Ukraine has already won - Anton Kuchuhidze

Analyzing foreign policy challenges and tasks before Ukraine during the presentation of the Image of the Victory expert survey, international political scientist and co-founder of United Ukraine Anton Kuchuhidze drew attention to the fact that Ukraine's accession to NATO and the EU is not mandatory for Ukraine's victory in the war.

"Ukraine has already achieved victory in each direction of integration. The political leadership of Ukraine and the state have acquired and strengthened their subjectivity. Today, the quality of politics between Ukraine and the EU is equivalent to an equal partnership. From the standpoint of cooperation, Ukraine has already achieved both progress and victory. One can say the same about relations between Ukraine and NATO. In the first months of the war, it was difficult to build a dialogue, and today we see the transferring of tanks to Ukraine," the expert noted.

In his opinion, the victory of Ukraine is also the destruction of the initial goals of the aggressor, which, thanks to the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people, is constantly revising his plans.

"The war of the Russian terrorists is a struggle for the redistribution of power in the world. At one time, they wanted the West to return NATO's borders to 1997, which was an inadequate condition from the point of view of assessing the Alliance's strength. Ukraine, on the other hand, achieved a deepening of strategic relations with NATO and the EU. This, as well as the strengthening of the state's subjectivity at the political, economic, and military levels, is a victory we owe to the Ukrainian people, the Armed Forces, the military-political leadership, and diplomats."

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