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At least four issues on the agenda of the forum in Davos concern Ukraine - Anton Kuchuhidze

In an interview with Apostrophe TV, international political scientist and co-founder of United Ukraine Anton Kuchuhidze singled out several issues of the World Economic Forum in Davos that will concern Ukraine.

"One should understand that Davos is an economic platform where economic issues will be discussed. At the same time, it is clear that the economy is directly affected by the security situation that has developed in the world and on the European continent. Undoubtedly, Ukraine will be one of the topics on the agenda given a series of factors. First of all, in addition to solving the security issue, the sanctions pressure that Ukraine implements together with the collective West against many Russian state-owned companies and oligarchs is relevant to the global economy. The second issue is food security. That is, the realization of Ukraine's export potential in the agricultural industry is one of the key factors for solving the issue of hunger in the world. Ukraine has confirmed its status regarding the grain corridor. This initiative is moving forward and Ukraine is one of the key players. The third global economic aspect, derived from the war in Ukraine and discussed in Davos, is the question of the energy market. The West introduced a limited price for Russian oil, resulting in corresponding fluctuations in the markets and the redistribution of influence. The fourth question concerns economics and jurisprudence. Russia's war against Ukraine and the search for funding for the restoration of Ukraine have caused a discussion among top international lawyers about how to ensure that the jurisdictions that will seize the state money of the Russian Federation do not suffer. According to the EU, about 300 billion is in various jurisdictions. That is, the discussion concerns how to find an unprecedented mechanism not only for the seizure but also for the transfer of these funds to Ukraine," the expert said.

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